Diving Services NZ has been working in the marine construction industry in New Zealand and the Pacific for the past  20 years during which time we have built a reputation for top level service and innovation.
Diving Services NZ is 100% New Zealand owned and has a permanent team of full time divers, skippers and supervisors to ensure rapid mobilization and with skilled workers.  
The company offices and main workshop is based at the Port of Nelson with teams often working throughout New Zealand from Marsden Point through to Bluff Harbor.
We can offer engineering services for specialist underwater equipment and have gained a vast range of experience in this area for design and development of tools and processes.

Team skills include bio security work, marine salvage, demolition, underwater construction, installation of marine screw anchors as well as installation of slipways, pipelines, and seawalls etc. Our customers can be assured of a top performance from a team that really knows what they are doing.

In most cases the company director(s) keep a very ‘hands on’ approach with all significant diving projects, and lead the team from ‘below’ the waterline. We pride ourselves on making important time saving decisions by getting the best information on what’s really happening. We have an extensive equipment range for diving work as well as a range of purpose built salvage and dive vessels.

We specialize not only in all manner of underwater services, we also provide vessel support, crews and/or skippers as required.

We work very closely with Councils, Port operators, vessel managers, dam and canal operators to ensure their needs are met with the right services.

The extensive range of plant and equipment includes comprehensive demolition ,testing and inspection equipment developed through the varied range of jobs previously undertaken by the company. Porter power jacks , various breakers, diamond cut-off saws, underwater chainsaws, ultra-thermic lances and HP jetting equipment are just some of the specialized tools we own. Diving Services NZ also owns an extensive array of marine salvage equipment. Vessels have been salvaged throughout the New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.